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checkWe Follow Google Rules

Google is continuously changing the ranking parameters that affect the search engine results. The search engine optimization has changed a great deal thanks to Google steadfast focus on delivering quality, relevant search results. The top of the search results are getting a constant rework with the release of new updates.

The search engine optimization results a company can achieve are in direct proportion to the time a company is willing to invest into tracking the Google algorithm update changes and evaluating the new chanced search results landscape.

The rate of success a SEO company can demonstrate to its clients is greatly dependent on the proper analysis of the newest Google updates and taking appropriate actions to stay within the Google webmaster guidelines while performing these important optimization tasks:

  • Choosing the most approriate keywords
  • Content optimization
  • Inner link and anchor text optimization
  • Relevant link buidling


pupSafe Optimization Tactics

The Google is aiming its guns at websites that are trying to circumvent the Google webmaster guidelines try to achieve top ranking with Black Hat SEO techniques. Google is getting better at filtering out sites which manipulate the content or backlinks with SPAMY methods.

These so called Black Hat methods include: the use of the same font and background color, or inserting keyword list into pages, getting backlinks from forum profiles or blog comments etc..
The only effective way to stay ahead of the Google algorithm updates is to focus on your visitor and less on manipulating rankings with SPAMY link building.

Before you engage a search engine optimization company thoroughly check their reliability, and make sure their methods are completely within the Google webmaster guidelines. If the SEO company you hire keeps the visitor experience at the forefront of their optimization strategy you picked a winner.
Here are a few important rules:

  • Staying within the allowed keyword parameters while optimizing web pages
  • Increasing link popularity with relevant link building
  • Compliance with redirects and URL parameters
  • Duplicate content checking


redhat-internetSPAM Free Link Building

One of the most important steps in search engine optimization is link building. Google’s ranking algorithm evaluates a site’s “worth” based on incoming links or otherwise known as citations.

The more valuable and relevant are the incoming links, the higher rankings a site can achieve in the search results. This is also known as link popularity. The difficulty for the average webmaster is to distinguish the real value of a link just by looking at a few parameters of a site that provides the incoming links.

Our links building experience is your assurance that when we can guarantee top ranking on Google. When it comes to link building, SEO companies are split on which link building methods wok best. There is little argument about the fact that a site that wants to be in the top 10 requires links in order to compete in the search results. In order to be in the top 10 a site requires the following link building steps:

  • Effective link building with relevant links
  • Content links within your website
  • Varying the link “anchor” text distribution and using your site’s name
  • Link relevancy over quantity