Guaranteed enhanced search engine visibility for your website in relevant searchesPay for guaranteed ranking results only and let us assume all the riskYou need a SEO company that understands your business and becomes your virtual SEO teamWe do not charge upfront fees for our Guaranteed SEO ServicesOur Results obsessed SEO team is your assurance you never pay for promises

Guaranteed SEO Services

From Only $100/Month*

Why Choose our SEO Services?

  • Search engine optimization services are based on a success fee
  • We assume all risks in lifting your website to the top of Google search
  • You only pay when your site is visible in the Top 20 in Google search
  • Competitive analysis of your website and your close competitors
  • Choosing the right keywords that leads to sales
  • NO Keyword is Impossible
  • Maximum allowed parameters optimized websites
  • Link popularity building with relevant links
  • Continuous monitoring of Google rankings

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SEO Consulting

From $97/Hour

Who Can Benefit From this Service

  • Anyone who would like their website to be in top 10 Google’s search results, but has a limited budget.
  • Everyone who loves to keep more money in their pocket
  • To anyone who wants their website to be a Free traffic magnet for targeted visitors
  • Anyone who does not mind working a few extra hours a week to gain more search visitors
  • Anyone who wants to develop a sound knowledge of SEO to be reused on other online marketing projects
  • To anyone who wants to perform more efficient website optimization without making fatal mistakes and damaging their site

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Optimized Web Design

From $997

Who Can Benefit From This Service?

  • Professional website, which looks great and perfectly optimized for Google
  • Fully mobile ready, responsive design
  • Landing page optimization for increased lead generation
  • Custom header, with your logo and tag line
  • We upload the content including pictures, videos, and other downloadables
  • We can also provide reliable hosting, domain name, and email set ups
  • Easy to use administrative interface designed to update your content anytime you wish
  • Free training on using the system via video web conferencing
  • We provide Free advice on content marketing and social media engagement

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Guaranteed SEO Services Without Risk

What is search engine optimization and search engine marketing

The search engine optimization (SEO = Search Engine Optimization) The large companies were among the first to discover the power of search engine positioning. Websites dedicated to promoting their business on Google, Yahoo and Bing quickly realized they can achieve significant revenue. A well optimized website performs as a funnel for your business providing new sources of opportunities. A search engine marketing professional who become a reliable long term partner, is irreplaceable for your business.

Guaranteed Search Engine Ranking

The customer’s first question is: Who ensures that the SEO services ordered by the client are delivered? Who can guarantee the top position on Google? Our customers only pay the monthly maintenance fee when a keyword phrase is really in the top 20 on Google. Unlike many other search engine optimization companies, our customer does not receive an invoice as long as the Web sites doesn’t reach the top 2 pages of Google for their chosen keyword phrase.

Credible Visitor Increase

After selecting the search key words according to the Google webmaster rules we optimize your web pages, and acquire trustworthy, powerful links for your site. The next most important thing will be to analyze the behavior of people visiting your site. Driving up the time spent on the site, and sales or lead conversions while reducing bounce rates is the primary goals of the web analytics. Your search marketing investment can only be called a good return on investment if the primary goals are met. Since you are in the driving seat of your business you have to decide whether you want to build website traffic for sales increase, branding, lead generation, our job is to deliver the visitors to your website.

Customer Habits Changed

These days, budget conscious customers are looking for products and services on the search engines before making a buying decision. Often they spent days or weeks comparing brands, services, and guarantees before making that final purchasing decision. The Google search engine is your customers’ best friend to find information on the products and services you may offer. Be on the first page of the Google search results (SERP) and your chances of increasing your sales or leads can double or triple in a short amount of time. Help your customers to make their choice easy once they visit your website with insightful articles, tips and advice.

SEO with Positive ROI

Search engine optimization is one of the most cost-effective Internet marketing strategy which can increase visitor traffic and overall website popularity. In some market segments the real web traffic can be increased up to 10-12 times with effective search engine optimization. Potential buyers are out there, the question is how to get them to visit your site. Considering the return on a search engine optimization project is a very important goal for any company. Our guaranteed SEO service is the assurance that you won’t waste your money on promises and useless reports. It’s great that a SEO company can tell you what is wrong with your site and how you can increase visitor traffic, it’s a completely different matter to achieve a first page Google ranking.

How We Are Different?

Optimize Designs is the brainchild of Trendmetrix Software a Canadian SEO company which offers powerful SEO Software tools for webmasters since 2001. Our company’s philosophy is simple, we want to be known as the company who can produce results and works for their clients trust and respect. We think the best way to achieve this is to take the risk out of traditional SEO services which offer lots of different web page optimization and links building packages, but don’t guarantee result. The bottom line is, the only result that counts is where your website ranks for the keywords that are most important to your business.